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About Bondi Nutritionist, Dr Naras Lapsys

Introducing Dr Naras Lapsys – Your nutrition & longevity specialist. I understand that nutrition and lifestyle play a critical role in how long and how well we live. By addressing dietary patterns, sleep, exercise and well-being, we can:

  • Achieve and sustain optimal weight and body composition
  • Live with vitality and with a strong immune system
  • Prevent and reverse diabetes, heart disease and other serious health conditions
  • Reduce the risks of developing cancer and dementia…

Trying to achieve and sustain optimal weight, improve your immune system or prevent a serious health condition? Our nutrition & health services can help you…


Specialising in weight control and weight loss in Sydney

Successful and permanent weight loss requires the right frame of mind, a working knowledge of the components of food, the willingness to adopt new eating patterns and the ability to challenge old habits.

Chronic Disease management

Optimal management of chronic health conditions

heart disease, diabetes and hypertension are critical to minimising their progression and to improving long-term health.


Optimal nutrition and a positive lifestyle

The key components to a healthier, longer life that is free from dementia, cancer and chronic ill-health.

I believe that every person’s situation is unique

My approach is individualized and highly tailored to your needs. I carry out detailed investigation into your eating habits and behaviors, lifestyle choices and current state of health. I use evidence-based Western medicine, science and anti-aging medicine as a platform for all my advice and services. I remain current with emerging trends in nutrition, am forward-thinking and innovative. All individuals are welcome, privacy and confidentiality are assumed, and I provide an environment of trust and respect.