I focus on treating fatigue in Sydney and Bondi.

Fatigue is a constant feeling of physical or mental tiredness, weakness, or a combination of both. Exhaustion is not a condition but a symptom caused by one or several factors.

  • These may include lifestyle, psychological and well-being concerns or an undiagnosed health condition. Left unaddressed, fatigue affects concentration, memory, coping with daily life challenges, and other health and well-being aspects.
  • I take a holistic approach to understand the underlying causes of fatigue and its subsequent management and investigate the dietary patterns and potential nutritional deficiencies that may result in listlessness.
  • My exploration takes lifestyle habits such as sleep, alcohol consumption, caffeine intake and exercise into account, and I also consider stress and psychological factors. I recommend GP follow-up should I find indications of an undiagnosed medical condition.

My thorough approach often leads to practical nutrition and lifestyle changes that provide effective and permanent solutions to the root causes of fatigue.