Specialising in Anti-Aging & Longevity in Sydney

Aging can be described as a slow decline of multiple biological functions. It involves numerous processes including DNA instability, telomere shortening, epigenetic alteration, and mitochondrial decline. Aging is also associated with inflammation and impaired cellular regeneration. The progression of aging and development of age-related diseases can be induced by triggers including an unbalanced diet, lifestyle factors, toxins and other environmental influences.

I believe that the future of health lies in the emerging and exciting field of regenerative and longevity medicine. As research continues in this field, so will the understanding of the mechanisms of the aging process. Although in its infancy, promising anti-aging interventions that integrate nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and medication are already in practice. Living a healthier, longer life sits at the very core of what I do, so I take great pride in applying today’s cutting edge science to create personalised anti-aging plans.